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Introducing the DynaROM Surface EMG Machine!

machine-1 machine-2 scan-image-1

What is DynaROM sEMG?

DynaROM is a functional test that measures muscle guarding and range of motion at the same time as the patient moves. By moving the patient, we effectively elicit measurable pain responses and guarding when soft tissue injury is present.

DynaROM is the latest in FDA cleared, class II diagnostic equipment. It effectively and objectively measures the impact of soft tissue injury by documenting pain in motion. 

How easy is DynaROM in comparison to traditional endpoint ROM?

The brilliance of the DynaROM design is that we perform the exact same exam as endpoint ROM, but are measuring the muscular guarding response simultaneously. It takes the exact same time as ROM testing, yet allows us to see muscle guarding in response to pain. This can significantly increase sensitivity to soft tissue injury.

How can the DynaROM helps the Personal Injury Patient and the Attorney?

  • Combats negative Independent Medical Examiner reports
  • Proven track record in courts
  • Helps establish the quality of the case from the start
  • Demonstrates soft tissue injury where all other methods fail
  • Focuses the adjuster & juries on quality of data vs. credibility of expert
  • Admissibility has been established
  • Increases the probability they settle cases in a manner best for the patient.

scan-image-2                    normal-semg

Why choose patented DynaROM™ over Range of Motion testing?  It is estimated that 40% of patients with normal range of motion have muscle guarding and pain. By simultaneously measuring and graphing range of motion and muscle guarding, we can establish whether soft tissue injury is present, using the tool all insurers have recognized.



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